Novità IDEA StatiCa Concrete 5.0

DEA StatiCa Concrete – news in version 5.0

Redistribution and reduction of internal forces

In areas where concrete membermeets certain conditions, it is possible to reduce moments and shear forces above supports according to EN 1992-1-1,provisions, 6.2.1 (8), and 6.2.2 (6) and redistribute moments according to provision 5.5.

Redistribution and reduction of internal forces


Settings can be made for beam continuous over a supportor for monolithic connection of beam and support with specified support width.

Limited interaction check

The check of interaction of internal forces can be suppressed at a distance “d” from the position of maximum moment, see EN1992-1-1,provision 6.2.3.

User-defined reinforcement templates

Don’t our pre-designed reinforcement templates fit your requirements?

Do you want to reuse your user-defined reinforcement?

Do you often use general or composite sections, which do not contain pre-designedreinforcement templates?

Using the Template Manager you can save your user-reinforcement template with its named pictorial preview. User-reinforcement template can be created from cross-section of general shape and general reinforcement layout.
Reinforcement cage does not lose the information about its mutual relations and dependencies. Applying the template to the cross-section with different dimensions, all reinforcement bars are automatically regenerated.

Sharing of templates among users – the template can be saved to a file and re-loaded on other computer.
Using Template Manager the user canorganize the templates in the folders, delete them, edit the name and description, save to the file, or download new templates from the file.
Reinforcement templates are available in applications: IDEA StatiCa RCS, BIM, Beam, Frame, Column.

The checks of surface elements from Scia Engineer

The import from SCIA Engineer into IDEA StatiCa RCS was extended so that slab dimensions and internal forces can be importedalong the section of 2D elements. Appropriate SCIA xml template is provided as a part of IDEA StatiCa setup.

Input of the stirrups around the openings (boxes) in the cross-section


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