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Design of Cross-Sections

The history of construction and service stages influences the ultimate resistance and serviceability limit state of these structures. Cross-sectional design according to EN and SIA codes have been adapted to comply with the fact that unequal strains and stresses appear in two adjacent fibers of construction joint.

calcolo sezione strutturale

  • Ultimate limit states
  • Stress-strain response of cross-section loaded by any combination of internal forces
  • Strength in Flexure, Shear, Torsion
  • Interaction of all components of internal forces (N, My, Mz, Vy, Vz, T)
  • Shear resistance of sections with/without shear reinforcement, cracked/uncracked in bending
  • Fatigue
  • Shear in composite joint
  • Both nominal curvature and nominal stiffness methods for the calculation of second order effects
  • Serviceability limit states
  • Stress limitation,
  • Crack width
  • Decompression condition
  • Brittle failure
  • Deflection control, stiffness, limits to span/depth ratio

Eurocode 2 method is not suitable for shear stress calculation in the joint in the case of normal stress distributions, which are typical for concrete composite cross-section. The method does not reflect stress redistribution in the cross-section caused by consecutive construction, and differential creep and shrinkage of concrete of both composite parts of cross-section.

software calcolo sezioni, software sezioniCalculation method alternative to Eurocode 2 method was proposed, tested, and implemented in the program. Shear stress is calculated from difference of normal forces acting on sectional components in two neighboring sections of the element. Numerical studies were performed based on real-life examples of composite beams. The method and the results were presented on international conferences and published in technical papers.



IDEA ConnectionUnioni acciaio, collegamenti in acciaio, unioni acciaio, giunzioni acciaio, nodi acciaio


New operation weld brings possibility of connection of all plates types. Of course all necessary weld properties can be defined.



Calculation of projects in IDEA Connection are fast on the other hand complex joints need some time. New feature save of results speeds up the work with our application. Results are stored with the project and they are ready during the next opening of the project. This can save a lot of time, for example in the case of detailed protocol generating.



connessioni, Unioni acciaio, collegamenti in acciaio, unioni acciaio, giunzioni acciaio, nodi acciaioStability analysis is the key feature of this version. Now it is possible to calculate local buckling for each load-case. Application will provide a critical factor of a defined load which cause instability of some plate.
Rotational stiffness calculation of a member connection to the joint was available in the previous versions. Now it was complemented by calculation of axial stiffness of the element connection.




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